Midnight Warning, The

2424. MIDNIGHT WARNING (1932-USA). With WILLIAM “STAGE” BOYD, CLADIA DELL, JOHN HARRON. Renowned private investigator William Cornish arrives at the Clarendon Arms Hotel to meet his old friend Dr. Steve Wolcott, an eminent nerve specialist. The doctor is somewhat rattled by a strange object he has discovered on the floor of his room: a burnt human ear bone! As he shows the bone to the detective, he suddenly is stricken. The detective recognizes the injury as having been inflicted by a passing bullet. Something definitely is amiss inside the Clarendon Arms! It seems that the men who run the hotel have vital information about a matter so secret it must remain only with them. Even though they want to investigate the mysterious gunfire, they dare not do so. On hand to confound their plan is Cornish, whose weapons include his lip-reading skills and his powerful eyeglasses that permit distant objects to be seen in close-up. With the aid of Dr. Wolcott, he tracks down a beautiful blonde and discloses the most horrific of secrets. This exciting and atmospheric mystery features a spine-tingling sequence in which the blonde finds herself shut up in a mortuary basement where she is surrounded by corpses! 62 minutes Crime Mystery Suspense