Midsummer Night’s Dream, A

212. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (1960’s-England), The famous comedy by William Shakespeare, incidental music by Felix Mendelssohn. British live TV version, probably produced by the BBC, with PATRICK ALLEN, CIRA HEATH, CYRIL LUCKHAM, TONY BATEMAN, JILL BENNETT, JOHN FRASER, CLIFFORD ELKIN, MAUREEN BECK, ANNA MASSEY, PETER WYNGARDE, TONY TANNER, KAY FRAZER, and BENNY HILL as “Bottom.” Music by The Philharmonia Orchestra and the Ambrosian Singers. Soloist: OARIEN ANGADI. Music directed by GUY WOOLFENDEN. A well mounted and literate version of Shakespeare’s fantasy. 111 minutes. Shakespheare