Molly And Me

2377. MOLLY AND ME (1945-USA). WITH Gracie fields, Monty Woolley, Roddy McDOWALL, REGINALD GARDINER. Beloved British music hall singer-comedienne Gracie Fields adds just the right amount Of charm to this engaging musical comedy-drama. She is cast as Molly Barry, a long out-Of-work stage actress who at her best got to play second leads in musicals. Now she has decided to accept what she describes as her first starring part: housekeeper in a “large domestic residence” that has long been without warmth and happiness. Its proprietor is John Graham (Monty Woolley at his snippy best), who once upon a time enjoyed brilliant success in British politics. Graham was headed for a cabinet post when his career took a nosedive upon his being abandoned and divorced by a shrewish wife. Now he is a lonely man oblivious to the fact that his home has become an expensively furnished mausoleum and his servants rob him blind. Furthermore he has never learned how to talk to Master James, his teenaged son. James is starved for affection. His relationship with his father remains fractured and cheerless, and filled with unexĂ‚pressed feelings. Molly is sure to quickly take things in hand. Her combination Of friendliness and enthusiasm and her no-nonsense approach to the grimmest Of situations is guaranteed to brighten the lives Of one and all. 76 minutes. Musical Comedy Drama