Mondo Pazzo

3021. MONDO PAZZO (1963-ltaly) COLOR. This eye-popping documentary is admittedly a follow-up to the shocking “Mondo Cane” of the previous year. It will take you on an around-the-world tour which spotlights the oddest and most unusual customs, rituals and practices among diverse cultures. To describe these activities as bizarre is no understatement. During the celebration of a holiday in Mexico, for example, children feast on human skulls made of sugar which are filled with a sweet and gooey substance. The latter is meant to resemble brains! These youngsters also savor a confection which must be seen to be believed. Suffice to say that it is modeled after what is described as “the corpse of Uncle Judas.” Before you depart from South of the Border, you also will see Mexicans eating live parasites which are stuffed into tortillas! In London, you will observe dogs having their vocal chords cut so their howls and cries will not disturb surgeons who carry out vivisection experiments. On a less graphic note, poor women in Southern Italy have their beautiful long hair shorn. These locks are in great demand on the American market for the creation of womens’ vanity wigs. However, not all those who wear these wigs are females. Some are in fact female impersonators who perform campy nightclub acts. Others are big city cops who become “pretty policemen” as they dress in drag and act as bait in order to entrap “sadists and sexual maniacs.” These brief descriptions are but a small fraction of all that is shown in this truly weird and thoroughly intriguing shockumentary. Narrated in English. 96 minutes. Exploitation Documentary