Moonlight Sonata

2976. MOONUGHT SONATA (1937-England). With IGNACE JAN PADEREWSKI, CHARLES FARRELL, ERIC PORTMAN. Poland’s Paderewski was a celebrated statesman, composer and concert pianist In 1919, he was elected the first Prime Minister of the Polish republic. From 1940 until his death, the following year, he headed the government which had gone into exile upon the German invasion of Poland. Paderewski even enjoyed a brief movie career. He was 77 years old when he starred in this unique and tremendously entertaining film which works as a deft combination of concert footage and high drama. After a triumphant concert appearance, Paderewski admits that lately, he has been cutting back on his live performing because of his advancing age. However, he had agreed to this particular recital for the sake of “two very happy young people” in the audience. He then relates a story which took place five years earlier. It is the tale of Eric and Ingrid, a young Swedish couple who have known each other since childhood. Eric has fallen in love with Ingrid, who is the granddaughter of a baroness. However, Ingrid spurns Eric as she has never thought of him in a romantic manner. Enter Paderewski, who had been flying to Paris in a small airplane. Mechanical trouble forces the plane down near the castle in which Ingrid and her grandmother reside. The pianist and his fellow passengers become guests, setting into motion a drama involving one of the plane’s passengers, a cad who sets out to romantically entice Ingrid. Surrounding the drama is extensive and impressive concert footage of the while-haired Paderewski performing selections by Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt and Paderewski! 86 minutes. Concert Music Romance