Moonshine Mountain; White Trash On Moonshine Mountain

2589. MOONSHINE MOUNTAIN (White Trash On Moonshine Mountain) (1964-USA) COLOR. Directed by HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS. Legendary splatter-film master Herschell Gordon Lewis directs this hilariously campy combination country music extravaganza/down-home southern comedy/lust and sex-filled murder tale. He chronicles the plight of country western singing star Doug Martin, who has cemented his fame by appearing in front of television cameras and on the Las Vegas stages. As the story opens, Martin arrives in the Carolina hill country. The purpose of his trip is to “get back to the real values” and “re-learn the simplicity of the pleasant happy people” who reside in the area, so that he may “have something worthwhile to tell in my songs.” What he experiences is something else altogether, as he finds himself in the company of various raucous moonshiners and backwoods retards. The plot thickens when he is attracted to Laura Carpenter, a pert college student. Then Delia Lawrence, his snooty and perpetually jealous high society girlfriend, arrives on the scene from New York City. While driving to the airport to return to the Big City after squabbling with Martin, Delia crosses paths with a lecherous sheriff. This unfortunate meeting spirals into a scenario involving rape, murder and mayhem. Amid all the chaos, there is plenty of fancy guitar-picking and authentic Southern couniry music that will keep your fingers perpetually popping. 84 minutes. Poor Trash Hillbilly Musical Mystery