More Kennedy Assassination Coverage Part 2

2476. THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION – Parts 1& 2 (November 22, 1963). NBC-TV net coverage. Live television reports beginning about twenty minutes after the first shot was fired. CHET HUNTLEY, FRANK McGEE and JIM RYAN report from a studio in New York. ROBERT McNElL reports from the hospital in Dallas. Other reporters are heard from various parts of the country and around the world. Senators and governors comment, PRESIDENT JOHNSON is heard briefly. The coverage starts with reports of shots being fired, with no evaluation of the President’s condition. As reports and bulletins come in, further details of the assassination are brought out, including several facts that appear to be in conflict with the Warren Commission report. Fascinating listening at history being made. Where were you when you heard the news of President Kennedy’s assassination? The start of a weekend to remember! Part 1 covers from twenty minutes after the shots were fired to two hours and twenty minutes after the shots. Part 2 covers the next two hours. Television News