Mr. Arkadin

2260. MR. ARKADIN (1955-Spain-France). With ORSON WELLES, MICHAEL REDGRAVE, PATRICIA MEDINA, A KIM TAMIROFF, MISCHA AUER, KATINA PAXINOU. Directed and scripted by WELLES. A man named Bracco is shot in a gun battle along the Naples docks. Adventurer Guy Van Straiten and his girlfriend Mily happen to be passing by. Before Bracco dies, he whispers to Mily a secret that he promises will be worth millions. That secret has to do with famed, filthy-rich international tycoon Gregory Arkadin. Van Straiten and Mily hatch a scheme to meet Arkadin and squeeze him for some of his fortune. The adventurer begins romancing Arkadin’s daughter, leading to jealousy on the part of Mily. The coolly sinister Arkadin (in the person of Welles) makes his initial on-screen appearance at an elaborate masquerade ball and in a most dramatic manner. He is an enigmatic character, a self-made man who has surrounded himself with an air of mystery. Arkadin very quickly offers Van Stratten a proposition. The financier claims he has no knowledge of his past. He wishes to hire Van Stratten to commence an investigation and prepare an account of the history of Gregory Arkadin! There are reports on the origins of Mr. Arkadin all over Europe, and Van Stratten begins traveling across the continent from Tangier to Amsterdam to Munich in an attempt to piece together the puzzle that Is Gregory Arkadin. Along the way he finds himself neck-deep in international intrigue AND murder. THIS TAUT mystery-DRAMA is directed with DAZZLING VISUAL FLAIR by the multi-talented Welles. 90 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense