Mr. Wise Guy

2730. MR. WISE GUY (1942-usA). With LEO CORCEY, BOBBY JORDAN, HUNTZ HALL, GABRIEL DELL, BILLY GILBERT, GUINN WILLIAMS, BENNY RUBIN. Those zany and lovably brash goof balls, the East Side Kids, are back in this entertaining action-comedy which also offers a peek into the mood in America just as the nation was becoming immersed in patriotic spirit at the outset of World War II. Wherever the Kids go, trouble always seems to follow. However, they are not real juvenile delinquents, but rather comical cut-ups who never fail to amuse. The Kids speak with amusing New York accents. When they open their mouths, the words “work” and “personality” invariably come out as “woik” and “poysonality.” The story blends this good-natured humor with drama and suspense. While clowning around, the Kids unknowingly assist just-escaped convict Luke Manning in his getaway. Then they find themselves in hot water with the authorities, and end up in reform school. Bill Collins is the strapping older brother of one of the Kids, as well as a former guard at the reformatory. Just as he receives his draft notice, he-inadvertently becomes involved with Manning. He is in the wrong place at the wrong time as the hoodlum pulls off a daring robbery that escalates into murder. Bill’s military career is put on hold as he is held as an accessory to the crime. Despite their own incarceration, the Kids must figure out a way to come to Bill’s assistance and allow him to go to war. 70 minutes. Comedy