Mr. Wong, Detective

1107. MR. WONG, DETECTIVE (1938-USA). WITH Boris Karloff, Grant Withers, Evelyn Brent. Industrialist Simon Dayton’s life has been threatened. His office has been ransacked. His car has been sabotaged. Desperate, he seeks help from the inscrutable detective Mr. Wong. The next morning in Dayton’s office, scientist Carl Roemer violently accuses Dayton of stealing his secret formula. Moments later, Dayton is dead. Heart failureÉ or murder? The police are baffled. Only Mr. Wong can solve this case! Karloff is suitably inscrutable as the soft-spoken Oriental Sherlock Holmes. While the confused police detectives question Roemer, Mr. Wong investigates the meaning of a shattered glass ball found in Dayton’s office. Roemer’s secret formula could be a factor. Just to add to the fun, there is a ring of international spies who will stop at nothing to obtain the formula. Add to the list of suspects DayÂton’s greedy business partners. But Dayton’s murder is only the first of several homicides, and Mr. Wong certainly has his work cut out for him! As the brilliant Chinese sleuth with a talking parrot and an ill-tempered servant as his sidekicks, will Boris Karloff as Mr. Wong lead the bumbling local gumshoes to the killers and save the formula from entering enemy hands? 68 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense