Mundo Depravados; World Of The Depraved

3095. MUNDO DEPRAVADOS (World Of The Depraved) (1967-USA). With TEMPEST STORM, RON VON KLAUSEN, BUNNY WARE. Written and directed by HERB JEFFRIES (famous composer, big band vocalist, Negro cowboy star). Arlene is a pretty young actress/model who is employed as window dressing on a television exercise show. As she prepares to leave her apartment, her phone rings. At the other end of the line is an obscene phone caller, whose lurid whispers shock and disturb her. Arlene rushes out of her apartment and is promptly chased by a fiend into the basement of a doll factory, where she is brutally murdered. The cause of Arlene’s death is an enigma to the two cops assigned to the case. The only pieces of evidence are the disappearance of her bra and one of her stockings and the presence of a mysterious cap. The latter clue leads the investigators to the Gaiety Burlesque Theater, where they tangle with the first in a series of peeping-tom suspects. Meanwhile, Arlene is not going to be the lone murder victim. While the cops admittedly run around in circles, several of her television show companions die at the hand of the killer. Coming to the cops’ assistance is the statuesque Tango, one of the Gaiety performers (played by famed stripper, Tempest Storm). This is not so much a hard-boiled murder mystery as a farcical camp classic. Sprinkled throughout are various men comically leering at women who remove their clothes and gallivant about in the altogether either on the Gaiety stage or in the “privacy” of their dressing rooms and showers. Among the highlights; the girls-only birthday parly that ends in a drunken striptease and the on-stage “murder.” 74 minutes. Burlesque Murder Mystery