My Love For Yours; Honymoon In Bali

2759. MY LOVE FOR YOURS (Honeymoon In Bali) (1939-U5A). With FRED MacMURRAY, MADELEINE CARROLL, ALLAN JONES, AKIM TAMIROFF, HELEN BRODERICK, OSA MASSEN, ASTRID ALLWYN, MONTY WOOLLEY. Gail Allen is a beautiful and sophisticated New York career woman who has risen to the top of the executive hierarchy at Morrissey’s, a chic Fifth Avenue department store. Gail has toiled long and hard to attain her professional position. She is ardently devoted to her career and is determined to stay clear of men and romance. “I don’t intend to ever get married,” she pronounces. Gail is especially annoyed at the notion that it is a man’s world. “It’s anybody’s world who can lick it” is her philosophy. Ore day, a fortune teller informs Gail that she will be having a childÑamong other items that she is not at all pleased to hear. Before she can catch her breath, she meets brash and easygoing Bill Burnett. Gail and Bill are polar opposites. We know that she is an unsentimental career woman: He lives in Bali, and one would expect that his more traditional view of life, love and marriage would thoroughly repel Gail. So, of course, he and she are attracted. Bill ardently pursues Gail and even suggests that she has fallen in love with him. She resists him, choosing instead to deny her feelings, as she clings to what she considers to be her “freedom.” Various complications (romantic and otherwise) follow, and the result is a sparkling and classy comedy. Fred MacMurray and Madeleine Carroll are attractive as Bill and Gail, and they are ably assisted by a hand-picked supporting cast. Especially good are Akim Tamiroff as an opinionated window cleaner and Helen Broderick as Gail’s forever-wisecracking, yet ever-so-smart and practical best friend. 100 minutes. Comedy