My Man Godfrey

37. MY MAN GODFREY (1936-USA). With WILLI AMPOWRL,CAROLE LOMBARD, allcebrady, EUGENE PALLETTE, MISCHA AUER, ALAN MOWBRAY, FRANKLIN PANGBORN. Directed by GREÂGORY LA CAVA. The screwball comedy classic about a “forgotten man” (played to perfection by William Powell), one Of the Depression’s unemployed who resides in New York’s city dump. One night, a rich, zany society girl (a breathless Carole Lombard, in what may be her best performance) finds him and brings him to a party as the “object” she needs to win a scavenger hunt. This suave but cynical gentleman, an economic casualty Of the times, is hired as the family butler-and the satiric and comedic sparks begin to fly. The film works as a biting satire Of the manner in which the upper classes may callously disregard those less fortunate -whether during the Depression, or at any time in history. As the scenario unravels, it becomes a sparkling, charming romantic comedy. The film was one Of the ten best Of 1936 – and it easily could make this list for any year. It earned Academy Award nominations for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor (Mischa Auer, as a nutty artist who does ape imitations), Best Supporting Actress (Alice Brady, as Lombard’s none-too-swift mother) and Best Screenplay. Finally, see if you can spot young JANE WYMAN, in a bit part. 95 minutes. Comedy