My Pal Trigger

2744. MY PAL TRIGGER (1946-USA). With ROY ROGERS, GEORGE ‘”GABBY” HAYES, DALE EVANS, JACK HOLT, TRIGGER, BOB NOLAN and THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS. Shoot-em-up king Roy Rogers rides into one of his most exciting and memorable adventures in this remarkable western drama. As this emotional story unfolds, it is revealed how Roy’s legendary horse Trigger came to be born and how he got his name. The action begins when horse trader Roy arrives at the Golden Horse Ranch with an offer for owner Gabby Kendrick. Roy would like to “marry” Kendrick’s prize palomino, Golden Sovereign, to his own palomino mare, Lady, in order to generate a beautiful palomino colt. Outraged by Roy’s request, the cantankerous Kendrick flatly refuses his offer. That evening, he and Roy quarrel at a party, and Roy is forcibly ejected from the affair. The same night, two crooks steal Golden Sovereign from his stall. The beautiful and willful palomino escapes and rushes to Lady’s corral, but the situation ends in a most shocking and surprising manner. Kendrick blames Roy for the evil events of the evening. As a result, Roy is forced to become a fugitive who travels only a heartbeat away from unjust imprisonment. Without a doubt, this is one of Roy’s most unforgettable escapades and was described by Roy to be his personal favorite of all his films. The acting and script are far above average, 73 minutes. Western