My Song Goes ‘Round The World

2720. MY SONG GOES ‘ROUND THE WORLD (The Josef Schmidt Story) (1933-Germany). With JOSEF SCHMIDT. This powerful melodrama with music offers a unique opportunity to savor the talents of diminutive German tenor Josef Schmidt. Schmidt created a brief sensation in his homeland during the eady 1930s, but the fact that he was a Jew caused a sudden halt to his career when Hitler came to power. In this film, which is beautifully set among the romantic canals and crumbling structures of Venice, Schmidt plays an aspiring opera star named Ricardo. Ricardo has a golden voice, but unfortunately he is at least a head shorter than other adults. The stature he wins as a singer may bring him radio and recording contracts, but his lack of height is destined to lead to romantic complications and self-doubt. This comes when he falls in love with Nina, a pretty record store clerk who admires his phonograph recordings. Will she be capable of loving him in spite of his small build? With the help of his friends, our hero sets out to win his lady fair. As Schmidt’s monumental voice fills the Venetian streets (where the film was shot on location), viewers will come to understand the breadth of talent this opera singer once offered and will be grateful that this performance survives. In German with English subtitles. 77 minutes Musical