Mystery Mountain

706. MYSTERY MOUNTAIN (1934-USA). 12 Episode Mascot Serial with KEN MAYNARD and his Wonder Horse Tarzan. Who is “The Rattler” and why is he doing those terrible things to the Corwin Transportation Company? That’s easy, he’s a no good rat who dresses like a two-bit Zorro in black cape and mask. A new railroad tunnel through the “Mystery Mountain” threatens the hideout of “The Rattler”; therefore murders, explosions, stagecoach crashes and general mayhem follow as a matter of course. Onto the scene rides Ken, a railroad detective, to settle the matter along with Breezy Baker, the world’s worst newspaper reporter, his old sidekick. A continuing battle between Ken and “The RatÂtler” and his henchmen follows with an explosive conclusion. 223 minutes. Serial