Mystery Of The Mary Celeste, The; Phantom Ship, The

452. THE MYSTERY OF THE MARY CELESTE (The Phantom Ship) (1935-England). With BELA LUGOSI, SHIRLEY GREY, ARTHUR MARGETSON. The scenario of this nail-biter is based on fact. Back in 1872, a ship called the “Mary Celeste”‘ was discovered floating in the mid-Atlantic, with not a single soul on board – and with no apparent reason for its abandonment. Where did the crew disappear to? What of the Captain? Exactly why had the “Mary Celeste” become a drifting derelict at sea? The mystery of this grim sea tragedy was never solved, but those who concocted this screenplay have done a credible job in fantasizing what the answers to these questions might be – and in chilling the viewer! Bela Lugosi stars as Anton Lorenzon, a former seaman aboard the Mary Celeste. Lorenzon had been treated in the most revolting manner by Toby Bilson, the ship’s brutal first mate, who would sooner sadistically flog his men as look at them. The experience has left Lorenzon physically disfigured, and mentally deranged. Six years have passed and he appears out of nowhere, claiming he’d been shanghaied. He’s hired onto the Mary Celeste- and, soon, crewmember after crewmember begin turning up dead. There are two other characters on board who play key roles in the story: the ship’s captain and his pretty new wife, whose heart he had just won from a rival. 63 minutes Crime Mystery Suspense