Mystery Theatre

386. MYSTERY THEATRE (1951-USA). ABC-TV. Two different programs with “TOM CONWAY as Inspector Mark Saber of the Homicide Squad.” JAMES BURKE as Sgt. Maloney. VERNE SMITH announcing. Includes one commercial for Mole Shave Cream. Suave and elegant. Tom Conway fit the image of the brother of George Sanders in this long-running (9 years) TV series. “The Case of the Chamber of Death” features a cunning murderer who uses cyanide gas to kill. “The Case of the Locked Room” features the classic detective problem: who bumped off the body in the locked room? Suicide or murder? Typical detective gambits of missing wills, obvious suspects who turn out to be innocent, etc. Inspector Saber is far from the Big League of a Sherlock Holmes, but it’s fun to watch this early example of a debonair detective and watch his wardrobe change as he cracks the case! 53 minutes total. Television Crime