1675. NAIS (1945-France). With FERNANDEL, JACQUELINE BOUVIER. Produced by MARCEL PAGNOL Adapted by Pagnol from the EMILE ZOLA novel, “Nais Micoulin.” Fernandel, for years France’s number one funnyman, was also a fine dramatic actor. He more than proves this herewith a deft, knowing performance that is also not without its share of wry comic touches. He’s cast as Toine, a lovesick hunchback with the soul of a poet who yearns to be tall, straight and handsome. Toine harbors a secret affection for “Nais,” a country girl who is eighteen, blonde, and ravishingly beautiful. Nais, however, commences dallying with a rich young man, and you can be sure that her stern, gruff papa will be none too pleased. Despite these developments, it is Toine’s character, and Femandel’s commanding presence, that dominates the proceedings. Leading lady Bouvier was then the wife of Marcel Pagnol, who produced and scripted the film. Pagnol is best remembered for his richly detailed stories and films about French provincial life. While not as well known as his other works, this certainly ranks right up there with his more famous screenplays, in French with English subtitles (except for the first 2 minutes.) 105 minutes. Drama