Neutron, The Atomic Super-Man And The Black Mask

2475. NEUTRON, THE ATOMIC SUPER-MAN and THE BLACK MASK (1962-Mexico). This hair-raising action feature is the first entry in the high-energy NEUTRON science fiction horror trilogy. As the fast-paced story gets underway, Professor Norton has just discovered the formula for the deadly neutron bomb. He believes its creation will put a stop to future wars. After all, with the threat of such mass destruction, who would dare wage war? The professor’s colleague John Walker sees the situation differently. He believes the man who holds the formula to the neutron bomb will dominate the worldÑand he wants to be that man! Walker hires a killer to do away with Norton. The professor’s final gesture against his attacker is to set off his sample bomb. Noxious radon gas fills the laboratory, its poison cruelly disfigures Walker’s face and destroys data he needs to build a fulf-sized neutron bomb. Walker will not give up his effort to obtain the secret formula. He joins forces with the heinous and perverted Dr. Caronte. Caronte is yet another mad scientist who will stop at nothing to get the bomb’s formula because he also has a dream of ruling the world. Only one man can stop this deranged duo from gaining the key to world annihilation. He is an unidentified masked super-man with muscles of steel and a heart of gold – Neutron! Dubbed in English. 72 minutes. Science Fiction