Neutron, the Atomic Super-Man Vs. The Death Robots

2469. NEUTRON, THE ATOMIC SUPER-MAN VS. THE DEATH ROBOTS (1962-Mexico). Secret agent Neutron continues to conceal his true identity as this sensational sequel to NEUTRON, THE ATOMIC SUPER-MAN AND THE BLACK MASK unfolds. The muscular superhero returns to battle the evil Dr. Caronte. The mad doctor and his deformed dwarf assistant Nick have plenty of action brewing in their sinister laboratory. The destructive pair have stolen the bodies of three murdered scientists, each of whose brains holds a part of a formula to build a neutron bomb powerful enough to blow up the world. Dr. Caronte needs human blood to bring the brains back to life. To gather the blood, he dispatches Nick and a band of zombies to kill and suck the blood of innocent victims. Add to Caronte’s audacious list of crimes the abduction of famed Professor Thomas, who is the only human being who knows the full formula for the deadly bomb. As a newly built bomb ticks off the final minutes before it is set to destruct, our brave masked marvel must meet the most earth-shaking challenge of his bold career. The second of the “Neutron” trilogy. Dubbed in English. 70 minutes. Science Fiction