Neutron, The Atomic Super-Man Vs. The Maniac

2473. NEUTRON, THE ATOMIC SUPER-MAN VS. THE MANIAC (1963-Mexico). In the third and final installment of the NEUTRON trilogy, an insane-and kinky-caped killer escapes from a sanitarium for the mentally unbalanced and murders the lovely sister of a famous singer. Thrs psychopath drags his beautiful victim to a secluded stone wall and manacles her to the structure. The assassin turns on the motor of a 16mm film camera and then fatally stabs the victim as the camera records the misdeed. Charles Marquand is a friend of the dead woman’s sister, and he decides to play sleuth and seek out the killer. In order to accomplish this, he enters the sanitarium as a patient. There, Charles encounters a number of offbeat and highly suspicious patients and staff members. Then one dark night, Neutron, the heroic masked marvel who works for the good of humanity, jumps the wall of the asylum and goes into action. That the culprit’s days are numbered is an absolute given as this throat-clutching, pulse-pounding whodunit proceeds to its exciting conclusion. Neutron fans will be on their feet applauding during the startling climax. Dubbed in English. 87 minutes. Science Fiction