New Deal Rhythm

372. NEW DEAL RHYTHM (1930-1937, USA). An excellent variety Of musical shorts-the forerunners Of music videos!
1. NEW DEAL RHYTHM (1934). CHARLES (BUDDY) ROGERS sings a rousing propaganda number for
FDR’s New Deal (“Keep your head and shoulders high! Take two steps forward and no steps ban and never say die!”). Complete with a mock political convention, a Shirley Temple look-alike, a tap dancing chorus line, and Busby Berkeley-style overhead angles showing the dancers forming letters “N-R-A.” Yow’sa!
2. ROSELAND (1930). A “Vitaphone Variety” with RUTH ETTINC as a ten-cents-a-dance girl who trying to break into show biz by singing on Roseland’s amateur night. Meanwhile, a wealthy playboy and his chauffeur compete for her affections-and deliver a few flubbed lines. Miss Etting’s two numbers are magnificent.
3. PARADE Of THE MAESTROS (1935). Performances by three Of radio’s favorite conductors: “REI NICHOLS, his “Blazing Trumpet,” and a trio in a jazz number, “Story Of the Dixieland Band;” EMEI DEUTSCH, a violinist, plays “When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry;” FERDE GROfE conducts I composition “Mardi Gras Suite.” They also give three different interpretations Of the same song,” the Middle Of a Kiss,” and are joined in the finale via a three-pan split screen. (For trivialists, the film director, FRED WALLER, would invent three-screen Cinerama!) Introducing the musicians: radio announcers HARRY VON ZELL, DAVID ROSS and, looking extremely nervous, BERT PARKS.
4. RHYTHM SAVES THE DAY (1937). When a park’s band fails to draw audiences to its traditional music, THE CABIN KIDS (five pickaninnies and proud Of it!) lock up the conductor, then persuade BUDDY PAGE to lead the band in a jazz concert. Singer ALICE DAWN adds her talents, and kids perform with harmonies as pure as a mountain stream. The youngest kid’s specialty seems be scratching and slapping his head, picking his teeth and cleaning out his ear.
5. THE STAR REPORTER (1936). Produced by ADOLPH ZUKOR. Announcer TED HUSING preset the stars: ED PAUL, conducting his band in an accordion novelty; BETTY JANE COOPER, tap dancing with THE LATHROP BROTHERS; DONALD NOVIS, who sings a romantic ballad; and if RAY HUTTON, “the pretty little spitfire Of syncopation,” leading her all-girl orchestra, the Melodears, in “I’m 100% For You.” Miss Hutton also does a unique dance on a floor full Of balloon Weird and wonderful! 51 minutes total. Musical Shorts