New School Teacher, The

1217. THE NEW SCHOOL TEACHER (1923-USA). With CHARLES'”CHIC” SALE Directed by GREGORY LA CAVA. This motion picture is “dedicated to the school teacherÑthe doormat upon which the passing generation wipes its feet as it moves on through the door Of opportunity.” featuring the rustic humor Of IRVIN S. COBB, The New School Teacher is the story Of shy PrOfessor Timmons (“Chic” Sale) and his adventures with a class Of young hooligans. When he isn’t busy sitting on thumb tacks and “keeping up with all the dead languages,” he is courting the pretty sister Of one Of the little pranksters. The youngsters consider the prOfessor a double-yolked egghead until old “Readin’, Ritin’and Rheumatiz” saves one Of the boys from the burning schoolhouse. Gregory La Cava directs with great vitality, taking care to bring out the best possible performance Of famous vaudevillian “Chic” Sale (who is best remembered for his monologue on the construction Of out-houses! See Cat. #1006) Take a sentimental jourÂney back to the days when children went skinny-dipping at the old swimmin’ hole and brought shiny red apples to the teacher. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 73 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Comedy