Night At The Follies, A

2682. A NIGHT AT THE FOLLIES (1956-USA). With EVELYN WEST (the original “Hubba Hubba Girl”), RENEE ANDRE, PAT CONNOR, JACK MURRAY, MARGIE ROY, AMALIA AGUILAR, LES (MOE) GARY, HELEN RENEE. “Burlesque is definitely an American institution. You’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it, but perhaps you have never seen it. So, just for tonight, imagine yourself seated in the sixth row on the aisle at the Follies in Los Angeles where you will see a complete performance exactly as presented at this world-famous theatre.” Ever play “African Golf”? Two burlesque comics will show you how. Evelyn West shows you why her bosom is insured for $50,000. All the other ladies of the ensemble are eager to show off their collection of pasties and G-strings. Shall we join them? 65 minutes. Burlesque