Night Fright

2386. NIGHT FRIGHT (1969-USA) COLOR. With JOHN AGAR. If you’re a fan of films like PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (cat. #944) and THE ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES (cat. #1769) then this film is for you! Packed with beautifully insipid dialogue and inane action, this could very well be your new favorite “I can’t believe it’s not a real movie” movie. “Operation Noah’s Ark,” a scienÂtific study about the effects of cosmic radiation on live animals, has gone haywire. The result: a creature with the body of a gorilla, the head of a grasshopper, who leaves alligator tracks! No kidÂding, this movie has it all. Thrill to a ten minute pre-credit sequence; hair styles you could bounce rocks off; night scenes shot at noon; a pipe smoking professor (aren’t they all?) who knows the true secret of the Hollis County horrors; the musical stylings of The Wildcats; a director who has just disÂcovered the zoom lens; and characters who couldn’t out-run a corpse! Amidst the “Not-Ready-For- Anytime-Players” is John Agar as Sheriff Clint Crawford. A veteran of John Wayne and science ficÂtion classics, Agar shines through in this Ed Wood “wannabe.” Pop in a video and CAMP out for the nightÉfright. 69 minutes. Horror