Night Has Eyes, The; Terror House

2110. THE NIGHT HAS EYES (Terror House) (1942-England). With james mason, WILFRID JAWSON, JOYCE HOWARD. An atmospheric mystery chiller which tells of the plight of Marian, a delicately beautiful schoolteacher who joins her wisecracking girlfriend Doris on a Yorkshire holiday. Marian has purposely chosen this particular vacation spot. It seems that her friend Evelyn had gone there for the same purpose the previous year. Only Evelyn had vanished without a trace. Perhaps she met and ran off with her dream man. More likely, though, she suffered a fatal accident or even was murdered. While walking in the Yorkshire Moors, Marian and Doris find themselves caught in a ferocious thunderstorm. They seek refuge in a creaky house whose occupant is the mysterious Stephen. Once a famous composer who “gave up music for war,” the morose and bitter Stephen had fought in Spain with the Republicans and spent months rotting in a internment camp. While in the house Marian experiences the oddest sensation, which makes her feel closer than ever to Evelyn. Stephen professes no knowledge of the missing woman’s existence, let alone fate. Nevertheless, could he have known her? Could he be responsible for her disappearÂance? Or could another party be the culprit? That’s for Marian and you to find out. 76 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense