Night Time In Nevada

1285.NIGHT TIME IN NEVADA (1948-usa), WITH Roy Rogers, Trigger, Andy Devine, NOLAN AND THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS. “The King of the Cowboys” comes to the rescue of a young Eastern woman who has traveled West to claim a $50,000 trust her late father arranged for her. What she doesnÕt know is that, over the years, the money has been pilfered by a shady business partner of her dad’s and his unscrupulous lawÂyer. To replace the missing funds before a formal claim is made, the crooks steal a trainload of cattle belonging to Roy’s Double R Ranch. Sparks fly when Roy teams up with Sheriff “Cookie” (Devine) to bring the thieves to justice. Together, they unravel the mystery of how hundreds of head of cattle could be stolen from a train that never stopped, from behind locked doors. Watch for a climactic truck chase over rocky hill country for proof that Roy is no ordinary cowpoke. Once again, Roy Rogers earns his title as Hollywood’s most popular cowboy! 53 minutes Western