Ninja Grand Masters Of Death

2944. NINJA GRAND MASTERS OF DEATH (1975-Hong Kong) COLOR. With BRUCE LEIH. The Ninja are an ancient Japanese warrior sect with remarkable powers in the martial arts. To perfect their skills, the Ninja undergo a rigorous training regimen. They become experts in poisons and dart throwing and acrobatics-every conceivable way of killing. Ninjas charge high prices for hiring out their skills, and so only the wealthy can afford to use them to eliminate their enemies. The scenario of this action- packed martial arts extravaganza at once depicts the activities of Ninjas in general and the specific events which transpire upon the death of an attractive young bargirl. After spending the evening with a married businessman, she is brutally murdered while in her shower. It soon is discovered that the woman met her doom as the result of a secret and extremely powerful Ninja poison which is extracted from the juice of chrysanthemum stamens and supposedly has not been used for hundreds of years. However, it now is being employed for the deadly doings of a renegade Ninja sect! The acrobatics in this martial arts extravaganza are non-stop. Dubbed in English. Letterboxed. 87 minutes. Martial Arts