Nolstagia World War II Video Library #4

163. NOSTALGIA WORLD WAR II VIDEO LIBRARY #4 (1943; 1945-USA). An unusual collection of U.S. Hollywood and Government-produced dramaiic shorts and illustrated songs from the World War II era. Rodgors and Hart, Bing Crosby and Ronald Reagan-what more could anyone want?
1. A LETTER FROM BATAAN (1943). With RICHARD ARLEN, SUSAN HAYWARD, JIMMY LYDON, JOE SAWYER. Dramatic film about a soldier who dies in the jungle, following an enemy air attack. Back home, his sweetheart and family read his final letter (while his ghost sits there and watches!). He says that improper nutrition caused his night blindness and inability to see the planes: and he urges everyone not to hoard food or to waste steel, rubber and other valuable materials that could help win the war. A powerful message delivered in a unique way!
2. THE REAR GUNNER (1943). With LT. RONALD REAGAN, LT. BURGESS MEREDITH, TOM NEAL, BERNARD ZANVILLE (DANE CLARK). KNOX MANNING narrating. Dramatic story about a man who endures grueling training of gunnery school, learns all aspects of weapons and aircraft, becomes a tail gunner (on Ronnie Reagan’s plane), and proves himself a “modern knight of fire” during a strategic mission. Effective combat action, a well-acted personal drama, and a good movie!
3. THE CAISSONS GO ROLLING ALONG. Sing along with the powerful voice of ROBERT WEEDE. The army song is played over dynamic action shots of tanks, jeeps, infantry artillery, and caissons (in case you wanted to know what a caisson looked like!}
4. I DONT WANT TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT (1945). A rousing song (illustrated by crude but cute drawings), attempting to shake us out of our post-war complacency and asking us to continue helping our country: “Don’t you feel terrific, now that we have had VJ? I don’t want to change the subject, but did you buy that bond today?”
5. KEEP ‘EM ROLLING. A lilting song by RICHARD RODGERS and LORENZ HART, sung by JAN PEERCE over exciting shots of workers, factories and machinery. Buy Defense Bonds and keep the war goods coming! “The flame of freedom is burning. We’ve lots of timber and coal. The wheels within wheels are turning. Keep ’em rolling!… So make your mind up. when you get out of bed. Work your head off, so you can keep your head. Dont trust to one little ocean. The land itself must be strong. So keep the motors in motion. Keep ’em rolling along!” If Jan Peerce doesn’t make you want to slap a Jap… nothing will!
6. THE MARINES’ HYMN. “From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli,” sung by a mighty tenor and chorus over footage of ships, cannons, planes, paratroopers, beach landings and battle scenes. Sing along!
7. THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD SONG, SEMPER PARATUS. Well-edited scenes of Coast Guard activities illustrate the relatively unknown but stirring song.
8. TEN YEARS FROM NOW (1945). Buy a victory bond and collect your fortune in 1955! This extremely lively song, illustrated by clever drawings, promises a rosy future: “Things are gonna behummin’. l’ve a plenty a comin’. Won’t be sheddin’ no tears, ten years from now. ..what a solid sensation. To invest in your nation. I’ll be livin’and how, ten years from now.”
9. WE’VE GOT ANOTHER BOND TO BUY (1945). Another victory bonds commercial, sung by BING CROSBY: “The bonds we bought before, bought the bomb that won the war. Now we’ve got another bond to buy. Oh, you may think the war is won. But we can’t leave the job half done. The boys have seen it through. Now the rest is up to you. Yes. we’ve got another bond to buy.” The imaginative drawings include one of an atomic bomb shaking hands with a war bond! 61 minutes total. Propaganda