Nomads Of The North

1189. NOMADS OF THE NORTH (1920-usA). with lon chaney, lewis stone, betty blythe. Produced by HAL ROACH. The setting is the rugged, undeveloped North Canada wilderness. Young Nanette Roland (Betty Blythe, in one of her earliest screen roles) is up to her pretty face in problems. Her kindly, widower father is dying. Her fiancŽe, Raoul Challoner (Lon Chaney) has been away even farther up north for far too long, with his return way overdo. A vile, whiskey-running thug named Black Marat has the hots for her. She and her dad are way in debt to the local Hudson’s Bay Company storeÑand the oily son of that establishment’s heartless, egomaniacal manager is also thinking lustful thoughts. Finally, this villain attempts to pressure her into marrying his son. Will Challoner arrive back home in time to save his beloved from these creeps? He does, of course, but then his troubles are only beginning. Also, how does the friendly Mountie (Lewis Stone), who is himself sweet on Nanette, fit into the picture? Nomads of the North is a suspenseful, absorbing, thoroughly unpredictable drama highlighted by yet another outstanding performance from Chaney. He turns in a memorable acting job, cramming his characterization with the same warmth and humanity that made his later, more famous roles so well remembered. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 109 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama