Nostalgia World War II Video Library #13

2800. NOSTALGIA WORLD WAR II VIDEO LIBRARY #13 (1944-1945 USA) Short films produced by our military at war.
1. BEHIND NAZI GUNS (1944). A navy film narrated by WILLIAM L. SHIRER. “Advancing allied armies sometimes capture valuable enemy films. Recent Nazi pictures have been selected to provide American workers a behind-the-scenes report on their special enemy…the German worker!”
2. TARGET GERMANY (1944). Produced by the Eighth Air Force. A portrait of heavy bombers, light bombers and fighters that are constantly softening up the coast of Europe from their bases in England. The invasion is next!
3. BACK DOOR TO JAPAN (1945). A Signal Corps film showing our two Asian enemies… Japan and the monsoon! The “back door” is China. Our G.l.s are building air fields and roads to bring the fight to Japan…and that’s not an easy job!
4. THE EARTH MOVERS (1945). A Signal Corps film showing the Sea-Bees and engineers routinely doing the impossible. From clearing unclearable harbors to providing drinking water for an entire city, it’s all in a day’s work…and a day’s fighting.
56 minutes total. Propaganda