Nostalgia World War II Video Library #9

195. NOSTALGIA WORLD WAR II VIDEO LIBRARY #9 (1942-1944-usa). World War II: the free world rallies to smash the Axis. The Vice President tells us why we fight, and some excellent combat films vividly show that fightÑespecially the far-reaching, spectacular air war!
1. THE PRICE OF VICTORY (1942). Produced by the Office of War Information. The battle between a free world and a slave world (led by the devil)Ñand the great sacrifices we must make to ensure our victoryÑare explained by Vice President Henry A. Wallace, and illustrated by stirring documentary footage. The year 1942 will be crucial: we must produce and transport war materials, fight wilh all that is in us, and build a just and enduring peace. Considering Wallace’s leftist views, his emphasis on our cause as a “people’s revolution” (similar to, among others, the Soviet Revolution) is interesting. The “march of freedom” is even sanctioned by the Bible: “No compromise with Satan is possible. Strong in the strength of the Lord, we who fight in the people’s cause will never stop until that cause is won!”
2. THE FIGHT FOR THE SKY (1944). Narrated by RONALD REAGAN. Produced by the Army Air Forces. American P-47’s (Thunderbolts), P-38’s (Lightnings) and P-51’s (Mustangs) in action over Germany! General Doolittle plans bombing raids; fighters rendezvous with and escort bombers, in a complex relay system. Captured German film shows Luftwaffe pilots going into battle. Tiny cameras mounted on planes’wings and “gun-camera film” put us into the thick of the air war. Dynamic aerial shots show our pilots destroying the enemy’s planes and ground transportation systems. Now our armies can move on, without fear of air attack!
3. ALL-AMERICAN (1943). Produced by the Signal Corps. Highlights of the Army Air Forcesin action, designed to inform and inspire the war industry audience: a) THE MEN. General scenes of our men in uniform: their courage, sacrifices, and spirit, b) PURSUIT SHIPS. Our fighter pilots, in the Aleutians and in the South Pacific: escorting American bombers. Intercepting Japanese raiders, and battling enemy pursuit ships, A thrilling dog fight is seen through a gunsight! Brave men emerge from their planes: “Take a look at these faces, and you’ll see why they can’t lick America’s fighter pilots.” c) BOMBING RAID-WEGESAK GERMANY. Very exciting footage shows our precision daylight raid on a submarine base and shipping facilities, and the strong opposition from anti-aircraft fire and enemy pursuit ships. “Homeward bound, vapor trails streaming behind -trails of glory!” The cameras also take us behind the scenes, for a debriefing of our pilots, d) TRANSPORTS. A vital part of our team effort is the transport, delivering men and equipment to the battlefields, and evacuating the wounded. Paratroopers go into action in North Africa: someday soon, “they’ll drop in on Berlin and Tokyo.” e) BOMBS AWAY. Out of our aircraft factories roll the planes that will destroy the Axis! Breathtaking aerial viewpoints show our planes unloading bombs on Africa, Italy, the South Pacific, and the Aleutians. The shadow of America’s wings sprawl over the worldÑa world that cannot exist half slave and half free. And by the strength and skill and sweat of the aircraft workers of America, it shall be free!” 61 minutes total. Propaganda