Oldsmobile Presents Roundup

3079. OLDSM0BILE PRESENTS ROUNDUP (1949-USA). U.S. auto production was suspended during World War II. For three years after the war ended, car dealers merely took orders. Any car produced was purchased eagerly by the auto-hungry public. But by 1950, competition among the various manufacturers was again in full swing. This hilarious film is a motivational allegory aimed at salesmen of the 1950 Oldsmobile. It stars (with apologies to the Lone Ranger) the Oldsmobile Kid and his horse, Rocket. His job is to turn salesmen into Rocket Rangers who will sell 350,000 new Oldsmobiles. The bad guys are Nasty Nash, Shnoz Studebaker, Boxcar Chrysler, Deadhorse Packard, Dusty Dodge and Dropfoot Hudson. Even GM cousins Pontiac, Cadillac, Chevy and Buck Buick (with teeth like a Buick grille) are the enemy in the fight to take over Automotive Territory. (Ironically, the Ranger’s prediction that makes like Kaiser, Hudson and Packard will end up on Boot Hill would come true within a few years.) Those who remember the Crosley will have an added chuckle (he’s played by a midget!). If the legendary writer/director Ed Wood ever made an industrial film, this would probably be it. Lots of fun! $100 down, $50/mo. GMAC financing. Subject to credit approval. 24 minutes. Sales/Motivation