One Body Too Many

1104. 0NE BODY TOO MANY (1944-usa). WITH jack haley, jean parker, Tyler TALBOT, BELA LUGOSI. This sly murder mystery spoOf had fun with the old “heirs squabbling over the inheritance” plot. When an eccentric millionaire dies, his greedy, bickering family has to slay overnight in his mansion with the body before the will can be read. A bumbling Insurance salesman stumbles into the gathering and the millionaire’s pretty niece (understandably a little scared Of her scheming relatives) convinces him to stay. There follows a wild night for the hapless insurance salesman as he’s assigned to guard the body, then gets bopped over the head when it’s stolen. There’s murder and mayhem and, Of course, a violent thunderstorm which knocks out communication with the outside world, leaving them all stranded in the remote mansion full Of secret passageways and paintings with moving eyes. The inimitable Beta Lugosi is featured as a menacing butler who always seems to be up to no good and Jack Haley shines as the ingenious insurance salesman in this sophisticated and witty comedy. 76 minutes. Comedy