One Wish Too Many

2891. ONE WISH TOO MANY (1956-England). This happy fantasy was the grand-prize winner at the 1956 Venice Children’s Film Festival and will enchant one and all between the ages of five and ninety-five! The time is an ordinary winter afternoon and the selling is East London. A schoolboy named Peter happens upon a marble while strolling home from school. This is no ordinary marble. It has special magical powers, which Peter is soon to discover. As he plays with the marble, Peter notices that it glows in the dark. He then casually wishes that his homework wourd get done all by itself andÑpoofÑall of his sums are miraculously completed on their own! Peter now believes that he has come into possession of a quite extraordinary marble. He wishes for a playmate andÑpoofÑ a neighbor girl is at his side. He wishes for a doll for his friend andÑpoofÑthe doll she covets magically appears in her hands. “We can do anything we want,” Peter shouts with glee. “Anything in the whole world.” Peler goes about creating his own private universe, based on the powers he now holds. How quickly will these powers get him into trouble? 53 minutes. Fantasy