Origins Of Cinema: Volume VI

2980. THE ORIGINS OF CINEMA VOLUME VI: RARE FILMS. Twenty seven American and European short films made between 1899 and 1908. LOVE and WAR (1899). Supposed to be a true story, the film was noted for its multiple sets (the top of one of them can be clearly seen). THE GIRL FROM MONTANA (1907), HIS FIRST RIDE (1907), THE BANDIT KING all produced by WILLIAM SELIG. THE BANK ROBBERY produced by the OKLAHOMA MUTOSCENE COMPANY and featuring AL JENNINGS, a real bank robber! Films produced by GEORGES MELIES in France: THE INN WHERE NO MAN RESTS (1903), A SPIRITUALlST PHOTOGRAPHER (1903), THE KINGDOM OF THE FAIRIES (1903), THE MAGIC LANTERN (1903), THE CLOCKMAKER’S DREAM (1903), THE COOK IN TROUBLE (1904), THE MERMAID (1904). Films made in Great Britain: HOW THE OLD WOMAN CAUGHT THE OMNIBUS (1903), THE EVICTION (1904), THE BEWITCHED TRAVELER (1904), AN ENGLISHMAN’S TRIP TO PARIS FROM LONDON (1904), THE LOVER’S RUSE (1904), A RACE FOR A KISS (1904), THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HEDGE (1904), FINE FEATHERS MAKE FINE BIRDS (1905), THE PICKPOCKET (1903), THE CHILD STEALERS (1903), RAID ON A COINER’S DEN (1904) note the unusual close-up, REVENGE (1904), A RAILWAY TRAGEDY (1904), DECOYED (1904), RESCUED BY ROVER (1905). “Silent” films with music score. 105 minutes total. “Silent” Dramas and Comedies