Origins Of Cinema: Volume I

2163. THE ORIGINS OF CINEMA VOLUME I: THE FILMS OF THOMAS EDISON (T898-I90S). Twenty-three short films, most directed and photographed by Edwin S. Porter. “Elopement on Horseback” (1898), “Strange Adventure of New York Drummer” (1899), “Uncle Josh’s Nightmare” (1900), “Terrible Teddy, The Grizzly King” (1901), Love By The Light of The Moon” (1901), “Circular Panorama Of Electric Tower” (1901), Panorama Of Esplanade At Night” (1901), “Martyred Presidents” (1901), “Uncle Josh Al The Moving Picture Show” (1902), “The Twentieth Century Tramp” (1902), “Fun In A Bakery Shop” (1902), “Jack and The Beanstalk” (1902), “Life Of An American Fireman” (1903), “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” (1903), “The Gay Shoe Clerk” (1903), “A Romance Of The Rail” (1903), “Rounding Up Of The Yeggmen” (1904), “European Rest Cure” (1904), “The Ex-Convict” (1904), “The Kleptomaniac” (1904), “The Seven Ages” (1905), “How Jones Lost His Roll” (1905), “The Whole Dam Family and The Dam Dog” (1905). “Silent” films with music. 96 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Drama