Our Constitution

330. OUR CONSTITUTION (1940-USA). With DANIEL CURTIS, JOHN ELLIOTT, MARC LOEBELL, ALAN CONNOR. The U.S. Constitution – and the brilliant men who framed it-come vividly to life in this informative historical drama. It begins in 1775, when “the American colonies were a narrow strip Of civilization, with foreign domination on one side, the sea on the other, and above all a long-gathering storm Of tyranny’s oppression, the rumble Of whose thunder was defied throughout the land. Finally, the storm broke, and its lightning sparked a shot heard ’round the world-and Of the storm was born a new nation!” With the new nation came a unique and inspirational form Of democracy, forged by the wisdom Of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton and Franklin. Realizing that a strong central government must be created, our forefathers wrote a document that would ensure federal power, while preservÂing states rights and the people’s hard-earned liberties-a document that would give “consistency, stability and dignity to the union… for generations to come.” The film depicts the end Of the Revolutionary War in 1781, the consolidation Of the country, the Constitutional Convention Of 1787, Washington’s inauguration in 1789, the formation Of the first government, and the debates leading to the Bill Of Rights. It ends dramatically in 1823, when European monarchies attempt to reestablish control over former Spanish colonies, and President Monroe issues his famous Doctrine, warning foreign powers to keep out Of our hemisphere, In 1340, when the film was made, it must have been intended as a dear statement Of our determination that latter-day European dictatorships should also stay out-a message which, like our Constitution itself, is as relevant as ever! 61 minutes. Historical Drama