Our Gang: Si Sic Omnes

1259. 0UR GANGÉ SI SIC OMNES” (1924-USA).
1. TIRE TROUBLE(S) (The Cure) (1924). With MICKEY DANIELS, JOECOBB, JACKIE CONDON, ERNIE “SUNÂSHINE SAMMY” MORRISON, MARY KORNMAN, and ALLEN “FARINA”HOSKINS. Produced by HAL ROACH. Mickey drives a customized flivver around town with the gang, zigzagging through the streets like a jeep on a mine field. When they stop to deliver Farina’s laundry to wealthy Mr. Mcallister, the gentleman forgets his gout and other illnesses long enough to take the children for an outing at an amusement park. Most of the gang choose to ride (he roller coaster with their host; however, nobody becomes quite as dizzy as poor little Farina who acÂcidentally winds up spin/ting like atop on a revolving dance floor. Motion Picture News critic wrote, “Everybody loves ‘Our Gang’, and Hal Roach has presented us with another ‘humdinger’.”
2. IT’S A BEAR (1924). With MICKEY DANIELS, MARY KORNMAN, JOE COBB, ALLEN “FARINA” HOSKINS, ERNIE”S UN SHINE SAMMY” MORRISON, and JACKIE CONDON. Produced by HAL ROACH. “Our Gang” goes a hunting. Armed with an air gun, slingshot and bow and arrow, the Kids pile into Mickey’s milk wagon to go big game hunting for real animals on his farm. There they lasso pigs and chickens, and Mickey finds a tree with wild honey for the gang. Unfortunately, a bear finds the tree at the same time. The children run to Joe for help, but the portly member of the gang is lying helplessly ill from a treacherous encounter with his first cigarette. Watch for a minor character named Dick who, according to Joe Cobb, was a midget disguised as a child, the only ringer in “Our Gang’s” history, silent films with original organ score, correct projection speed. 47 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedy