Panda And The Magic Serpent

209. PANDA AND THE MAGIC SERPENT (1961-Japan). COLOR. Narrated in English by MARVIN MILLER. Animation as lovely and as delicate as the finest oriental art tells an ancient fairy tale that will delight children and adults alike. A young man Hsu Hsien, travels through the Chinese countryside, accompanied by his irrepressibly cute animal friends Panda and the raccoon Mimi. He falls in love with Pai Niang, a beautiful woman, not realizing that she is an immortal creature magically transformed from a white snake, and that her maid-in-wailing is actually a transformed fish. A powerful wizard, aware and frightened Of her sorcery, is determined to separate the lovers. He has Hsu Hsien banished to hard labor, but after a painful separation (and some colorful adventures), our hero is reunited with Pai Niang. The wizard then battles her in an epic war Of superhuman forces. When Hsu Hsien falls from a precipice and dies, Pai Niang journeys far into space, to a fiery red star, where she begs the dragon godÑmaster Of all spiritsÑto bring him back to life. The dragon agrees, provided she renounces her immortality and magical powers. She makes this extreme sacrifice, but as she searches for the flower Of life, needed to revive Hsu Hsien the wizard tries to destroy her in a raging storm at sea. It takes Panda, Mimi, a band Of ducks, pigs and other animals, and a navy Of fish (led by Pai Niang”s maid riding a dragon fish) to save the lovers and bring about a joyous ending. This truly exquisite film is filled with expressive animation (especially during the sea storm), gorgeous colors, haunting melodies, adorable animal antics, and wondrous magic. A very special experience, 74 minutes. Animated Fairy Tale