Panique; Panic

2758. PANIC (Panique) (1946-France). With VIVIANE ROMANCE, MICHEL SIMON. Directed by JULIEN DUVIVIER. Based on a novel by GEORGES SIMENON. Here is a subtly ironic, brilliantly acted and directed crime drama that simply oozes with vivid atmosphere and sensuality. Paris-born Monsieur Heer (played by the incomparable Michel Simon) is an introvert who lives by himself in an apartment house in a provincial French village. He has no friends and is generally regarded with suspicion by his neighbors. Indeed, there is nothing about Monsieur Heer that would endear him to anyone. However, does this mean that he is capable of committing murder? Just such a crime has happened in the town. The body of one Mademoiselle Noblet has just been discovered, and her killer is denounced as either a “scoundrel or a sadist.” Enter Alice and Alfred. They are illicit lovers whose lives are fated to become tragically entangled with that of Monsieur Heer. Alice (played by Viviane Romance, a French film star who was well-cast as coquettes and femmes fatales) takes a flat next to Monsieur Heer. He becomes instantly smitten with her as he endlessly peers at her through her window. Alice does not know that Alfred has murdered Mademoiselle Noblet, while in the act of stealing 7,000 francs from her. He confesses this to AliceÑand Monsieur Heer soon reveals that he too is aware of Alfred’s guilt. At first, the lovers panic. Then they come upon the perfect solution to their dilemma: Plant evidence that will result in Monsieur Heer being blamed for the killing! Watch what happens next. In French with English subtitles. 96 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense