Paradise Canyon

2472. PARADISE CANYON (1935-USA). WITH JOHN WAYNE, REED HOWES, YAKIMA CANUTT. A gang of counterfeiters is based along the Arizona-Mexican borderline in this surefire shoot-’em-up. Enter Federal Agent John Wyatt. He is a hard-hitting, hard-riding good guy, played by top Western star John Wayne. The U.S. Government authorities believe the ringleader of the money-making operation is an ex-convict named Dr. Carter who heads up “Dr. Carter’s Great Medicine Show.” Wyatt poses as a cowboy drifter and joins the medicine show as an expert marksman. He learns that Dr. Carter is not a counterfeiter. Rather, he is a kind-hearted and frequently tipsy showman whose only manufacturing scheme is a potent alcohol-based elixir called “Dr. Carter’s Famous Indian Remedy.” When the show reaches the border town of Las Riebes, Wyatt encounters the real gang of crooks. They are led by Curly Joe Gale, Carter’s former business partner who had framed the doctor years earlier and is doing so again. With the help of a team of brave Mexican police, Wyatt sets out to capture the curly-headed sidewinder. Guns blaze and fists fly in this rousing Western actioner featuring one of America’s favorite Saturday matinee heroes. 53 minutes. Western