Patchwork Girl Of Oz, The

1201. THE PATCHWORK GIRL OF OZ (1914-USA). Directed by J. FARRELL MACDONALD. From a story by L. FRAN K BAUM. In 1900, Baum published “The Wizard of Oz,” a fairy story that has since become an American classic. He followed “Oz” with a series of sequels, one of which was The Patchwork Girl of Oz, This clever, charming, thoroughly enchanting fantasy centers around the adventures of Ojo, a Munchkin boy, who lives with Uncle Nunkie, his guardian and only friend. They are extremely poor, and Ojo implores Uncle Nunkie to accompany him to the Emerald City, in the Land of Oz, where no one ever starves. They set off on their journey, and first come upon Dr. Pipl, a magician who for six years has been toiling to perfect a Magic Powder of Life. His concoction is tested-and the result is the creation of the Patchwork Girl of Oz. What follows is a trip through the Land of Oz, lo the Emerald City, where they are taken prisoner and come before the all-powerful Wizard. Some of the wild and outrageous creatures we meet include a Lonesome Zoop, a Woozy and a Mervel; as well as a Wall of Optical Illusion (which may be seen, but which doesn’t really exist), a House of Magic (where tables, chairs, beds and pillows take on lives of their own) and Hoppertown (whose inhabitants have only one leg, and get about by hopping). Patchwork Girl is highlighted by wonderfully inventive costumes and sets, along with some nifty special effects. We also meet our old friendsÑthe Scarecrow and Tin Woodsman. Director J. Farrell MacDonald went on to play leading roles in silent features, and then to a prolific career as a supporting and character actor. His credits run into the 1950s, playing in films starring everyone from Shirley Temple to Humphrey Bogart. Caution: our print has brief periods of nitrate deterioration. Silent film with music score, correct protection speed. 81 minutes. “Silent” Fantasy