Peacock Fan, The

969. THE PEACOCK FAN (1929-USA). With LUCIEN PRIVAL, DOROTHY DWAN. A wealthy man has been murdered, in a room with no windows and only one doorÑlocked from the inside! How was the ingenious crime committed? And who committed it? Was it the mysterious wife, who is concealing a guilty secret? Was it the secretary, who has been robbing his employer? Was it the lawyer, who may be embezzling funds from his client? Was it the young woman the murdered man had been trying to seduce? Was it the woman’ jealous boyfriend? Did the butler do it? And is there a connection between the killing and the magnificent peacock fan the- victim had just purchased? (The film’s brief prologue depicts the origin of the fan’s legendary curse in ancient China.) The police are completely baffled. In steps Dr. Chang, a truly inscrutable Chinese detective, who calmly and methodically questions all parties and arrives at the murderer’s identity. Here is, classic whodunit in the Agatha Christie tradition, with one masterful plot twist after anotherÑjust when you suspect one person, another becomes more likelyÑall leading to a delightfully surprising conclusion. An elegant, tightly woven oriental tapestry of murder, mystery and suspense. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 79 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense