Peck’s Bad Boy

457. PECK’S BAD BOY (1921-USA). With JACKIE COOGAN, JAMES CORRIGAN. A delightful and very funny comedy about that little imp with the scheming mind Of a devil. Coogan’s first film after his triumph with Chaplin in “THE KID.” This very well done portrayal Of small town life before the War is based on a small boy’s determination to get to see the circus, over all obstacles. Escaped lions, lightheaded blackmail Of his father, and playfully planting stolen papers on his sister’s boyfriend are all in a day’s work for little Henry Peck. Don’t miss the many scenes shot in the small town grocery store, a nostalgic look at our American past never to be seen again. Highly recommended. “Silent” film with music score, correct projection speed. 67 minutes. “Silent” Comedy