Peck’s Bad Boy

1853. PECK’S BAD BOY (1934-usa). WITH jackie cooper, thomas meighan, Jackie SEARL, DOROTHY PETERSON, O.P. HEGCIE. Directed by EDWARD F. CLINE. Based on the play by GEORGE W. PECK. Jackie Cooper, one Of the top child stars Of the 1930s, elicits just the right combiÂnation Of rambunctiousness and pathos as the title character in this tug-at-your-heartstrings tale. It’s the story Of a kindly widower, Henry Peck (played by famed silent screen star Thomas Meighan, in one Of his final roles), and his young son Bill. The latter enjoys an idyllic small-town boyhood, and a close, loving relationship with Henry. “You know, dad, you’re a keen guy,” Bill observes, as the pair sit side-by-side by a lake with fishing poles in hand. Trouble comes when Henry takes in Bill’s stuffy Aunt Lily and Horace, her obnoxious brat Of a boy, because they’ve been experiencing hard times This pair proceed to exploit Henry’s generous nature, taking over his house and doing all in their power to alienate father from son. The meddlesome Horace is waiting for just the right moment pierce Bill in the heart by revealing his trump card: Bill is an orphan, who was adopted by Henry and his late wife. The ensuing commotion, and crisis in Bill’s young life, make for a provocative, emotionÂally satisfying drama. 68 minutes. Drama