Pepsi Cola Hits The Spot, Twelve Full Onces, That’s A Lot!

2001 .PEPSI COLA HITS THE SPOT…TWELVE FULL OUNCES, THAT’S A LOT! (1946-1984-USA). PARTIAL COLOR. One Hundred memorable commercials for the popular soft drink. The jingles we’ve all hummed through the years, plus POLLY BERGAN, HARPO MARX, and HANS CONREID. A significant piece of Americana – plus commercials (and bloopers} for some other products with THE MARX BROTHERS, THE THREE STOOGES, FRED FLINTSTONE, MARILYN MONROE, LUCILLE BALL and DESI ARNAZ, ANDY GRIFFITH and BUSTER KEATON! See cat. #2333 for Coca Cola commercials. 113 minutes total. Television Commercials