Perils Of Pauline, The

525. THE PERILS Of PAULINE (1947-USA). COLOR. With BETTY HUTTON, JOHN LUND, BILLY DE WOLFE, WILLIAM DEMAREST, FRANK FAYLEN, CONSTANCE COLLIER. Directed by GEORGEMARSHALL. Songs by FRANK LOESSER. ‘The Perils Of Pauline,” produced by Pathe’ in 1914, is arguably the most famous Of all silent screen serials, its star was Pearl White, a farmerÕs daughter who, as a result Of the film’s success, became fondly known as the “Queen Of The Serials.’ The title Of her greatest triumph was re-used for this delightful fictionalized biography Of the actress, played by Betty Hutton in one Of her characteristically energetic, likable performances. The scenario charts White’s rise to fame, from sweatshop worker to stock company performer to movie star, along with her love affair with a handsome actor (nicely played by john Lund). William Demarest Offers a noteworthy performance, deftly playing a silent movie director whose megaphone seems to be glued to his lips. Additionally, the cast is loaded with an all-star roster Of silent era performers. They include SNUB POLLARD, CREIGHTON HALE, CHESTER CONKI.IN, JIMMY FINLAYSON, HANK MANN, BERT ROACH, HEINIE CONKLIN, CHESTER CLUTE, JULIA FAYE, WILLIAM FARNUM, FRANKLYN FARNUM and, in his final screen appearance, PAUL PANZER (Pearl White’s frequent co-star, who played the villain in the original serial). 94 minutes. Musical Comedy