Perils Of The Rail

3025. PERILS OF THE RAIL (1926-USA). With HELEN HOLMES. Miss Holmes very much favored appearing in melodramas about American railroads. This film (produced by her husband) came near the end of her career and was her last film before “the talkies.” Until the discovery of ore beneath the land on which it traverses, the Pacific Short Line railroad had been struggling to keep afloat. A company called the Great Western Smelter has come in to develop the land and as a result, the Short Line has won a new lease on Life. However, someone lately has been stealing ore from the Smelter’s territory. The Smelter is blaming the Short Line for the thievery and is threatening to stop using the railroad. “I had to borrow $76,000 to settle the Smelter’s claim of ore stolen last month,” laments Pepper Martin, the short Line’s harried president. Barker, Martin’s claim agent (who may or may not have a hidden agenda), suggests to his boss that the robberies have increased since that appointment of Jack Hathaway as the line’s sales agent. Hathaway appears to be a hard-working and likable young man. He also has known Helen, Martin’s daughter, since childhood. Helen is a spunky lass who is described as being “as much at home in a swaying engine cab as in a ball gown.” Not only is she sweet on Jack, but she is destined to come to his assistance after he is framed by the “ore thieves.” “Let me take Jack’s place at the junction,” she implores her father. “The solution of this terrible mystery is there and I must find it.” This adventure tale is not only filled with suspense and intrigue, but it also goes on to show how a woman is just as capable of doing a man’s workÑespecially if that work involves running a railroad or solving mysteries. “Silent” film with music score. 59 minutes. “Silent” Railroad Drama